NXWidgets  1.0
NXWidgets Documentation

In order to better support NuttX based platforms, a special graphical user interface has been created called NXWidgets. NXWidgets is written in C++ and integrates seamlessly with the NuttX NX graphics subystem in order to provide graphic objects, or "widgets", in the NX Graphics Subsystem.


Conservative C++

Written entirely in C++ but using only selected "embedded friendly" C++ constructs that are fully supported under NuttX. No additional C++ support libraries are required.

NX Integration

Integrates seamlessly with the NX graphics subsytem. Think of the X server under Linux... the NX graphics subsystem is like a tiny X server that provides windowing under NuttX. By adding NXWidgets, you can support graphic objects like buttons and text boxes in the NX windows and toolbars.

Small Footprint

Tailored for use MCUs in embedded applications. It is ideally suited for mid- and upper-range of most MCU families. A complete NXWidgets is possible in as little as 40Kb of FLASH and maybe 4Kb of SRAM.

Output Devices

NXWidgets will work on the high-end fram buffer devices as well as on LCDs connected via serial or parallel port to a small MCU.

Input Devices

NXWidgets will accept position and selection inputs from a mouse or a touchscreen. It will also support character input from a keyboard such as a USB keyboard. NXWidgets supports a very special widget called CKeypad that will provide keyboard input via on-screen keypad that can be operated via mouse or touchscreen inputs.

Many Graphic Objects

Some of the graphic objects supported by NXWidgets include labels, buttons, text boxes, button arrays, check boxes, cycle buttons, images, sliders, scrollable list boxes, progress bars, and more.

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